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Need some help geting a consist to connect some droped cars. the numbers are junctions. and there are signals (which I did not show) and markers on the map (which I did not show)

Ok I have my first train coming from the south and traveling threw route A and going to spot B. It then uncouplez #8 which leaves the remaining car at point A on the map. Then procedes on to point C. At which point in time it triggers my secound train at point D which has about 40 cars on it to go via point E and conect to the remaining car at point A. Once it reverses over point E and before it crosses junction 2 it start's to move forward and tries to go all the way around which is wrong.

I don't understand why it cannot continue backwards and conect to the cars there.

Few things of note, Junction 2 is released from the first train and is open between A and E. I tried putting in a ton of signals facing both directions hoping this would solve the problem. and when back up anything south of junction 2 is red, even thow the junction is open to the right spot. It act's like the car it is supposed to connect to is blocking the route.

Any advice on how I can solve this? Also I am trying to get a train consisting of 20 cars of woodchips, then 20 cars of lumber, then 8 cars of logs. to drop off at a seaport. Now the lumber is the first spot at the seaport and the woodchips are the first cars on the train. It tries to unload the woodchips into the lumber which is just a huge waste of time. And then when it is time to unload the logs (which is the secound spot at the seaport) the train is already past the spot causing the train go tarded and not figure out how to unload the lumber, nor the woodchips.
The train probably encounters a red signal due to the track being used by the cars to be coupled to. Try placing a trackmark just ahead of the cars and using the driver command "couple at trackmark". This command sends the train trough the red signal at slow speed.