Headscratching Signal Problem


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For a while now, I've noticed that two-headed signals display incorrectly on the Intermodal Module, and while expanding it into a longer layout, I thought I'd take a look at it. Specifically, when the switch is aligned straight through, the signal indicates "diverging clear," or red-over-green. Here's what I mean:

You can see that the switch is positioned green-arrow to the left, or straight through, but the signal is displaying diverging.

If I align the switch the other way, I get "approach":

Clearly, this isn't right...not at all sure what to do about it, but it seems to me that the two-headed signal immediately before the switch should indicate "clear" (green over red) with the switch aligned straight ahead, and "diverging approach" (red over yellow) with the switch aligned for the siding and the switch at the far end aligned for the main.

Am I correct on this? If so...how do I configure things so that they work correctly? The signal mast is set up with the diverging path (blue diagonal line) to the left, though changing it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Here's the head scratching part: I have the same signal arrangement at the north end of the same siding, and this is what I see at that end:

This, I think is correct. The switch is aligned for the main, and the signal displays "clear" (green over red). The signal mast is set up with the diverging path to the right, but that and the switch direction are the only differences with the south end of the siding.

Likewise, aligning the switch for the siding gives me "diverging approach" (red over yellow) since the switch is aligned for the main at the south end of the siding.

Any ideas?
I could be wrong, But I think you need the left handed Signal version, as when you have it set on the side of your main, with siding on Right as opposed to Siding on Left it works, so there should be this same signal that shows Left on Properties when you select it out Inventory Fly out Tab.
Turns out that it has to do with track direction. <----edit: no, it doesn't

Not sure what I did...replaced the signal mast again with the JR SL(06) 2-H center 20ft, and now it works.

Thanks for your suggestion...helped me to break loose the log jam in my head!
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