Gt Britain's longest new route bang on time and cost


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The local media gave a good report in Scotland of the Borders Railway. Closed and lifted back in 1969 (even after protests) thw last of the tracks have now been done within the time and now the stations are next and still on course for opening in the autumn of 2015. This is something really different than the usual over running and over costs. Being 30 miles to just beyond Galashiels it is the longest build in 100 years.

There have been those who live further down the old route who want included and all the way across to Carlisle but that may well be a tall order but what wil be there this year will be a great tourist and local boom and well done!
Let's hope the push continues on to Carlisle. This is one of those routes that shouldn't have been lifted in the first place! On time and within budget is something to surely celebrate because that maybe the ticket to further expansion as the people involved in the project will have something to offer prospective investors, such as the local governments, who want the tracks finished.

Perhaps our local MBTA officials should take a lesson from the Waverly Route restoration project. They are famously over budget and always late. :)