Ground grid settings problem go's back to grass

Hi everyone,

After being out of action for some years it was time to get back into Trainzs with 2022.

As with Trainzs 19, problems come to light and the problem I'm having is this 2022 game, I will try to explain.

When you created a new game the land appaired with grass, you can then go to "Display Menu", then scroll down to "Ground" and select "Grid" which removes the grass and replicases it with the grid.

However, after saving the route, when you load it again the background has gone back to the "Textured" background, ie grass again.

Can anyone tell me please what I need to do to fix this problem?


In the Surveyor Edit Menu select Edit Route.

What Region is the route set for?

Since you are from the UK then I am assuming you will have it set for the built-in Region <kuid:-25:926> United Kingdom?

This has the textured grass (a PBR texture) set as the default.

Either change to Region to one that has the normal TRS19 grid as its default texture or create a Region with the grid of your own choice and set the route to that Region.

Some suitable regions that are on the DLS are:-

<kuid:45176:100362> United Kingdom with TRS19 Grid
<kuid:647907:102162> CDE UK Grid Region

Install one of these (or another) in CM and set your route region, as shown above, to that asset. Save the route.
Hi there, thank you for your help, for other's who have the same problem I installed both kuid's and found that you needed to start a new route for it to work. :)


Hi guys, somehow, I have deleted my region that I have been working with. It is called "CDE UK Grid Region" and I have found it, but I need help installing it back into the "Edit Route" dropdown (please see link

Please help.