Gravity Operated Inclined Plane Railway


I am trying to set up a gravity operated inclined plane railway where two sets of cars are connected by wire and one set is loaded at the top which pulls the empty wagons up the hill, the empty wagons are loaded at the top and the full wagons are emptied at the bottom and so the process reverses.

So far I can’t find any way to release the brakes on a consist without a locomotive, is there any way to do this or do I need to attached an invisible locomotive and drive the consist up and down the hill?

Will the physics engine allow the heavy end of a train to pull the light end up hill?
I believe you can release the handbrake in Cab Driving Mode with key commands and the cars will coast on their own. I know you used to be able to apply the handbrakes without a locomotive. The other alternative it to make a dummy loco that looks like a regular car, or is invisible, or whatever; what could give you driving controls. Someone with more experience making locomotives can help more; but I think you can give it a null engine spec.

If you look on the DLS there is a locomotive by cyberstorm available that looks like part of the cable, plus other vehicles for the rest of the cable. The same author created tracks in various gauges with rollers between the rails.
Thanks everyone.

As soon as I made the post I realised that I could use an invisible loco and then simply use that to release and apply the brakes for the whole system, I did consider deleting the thread, but the info may be useful to someone in the future.

And just for the record the physics engine does allow the heavy end to pull the light end up the hill.

Off to experiment with passing loops now.