Google Maps Railfanning Section (READ RULES!)


Crabby Old Geezer
Don't know how this will go over, but I'm starting this new feature I call "Google Maps Railfanning." There are only three rules:


1. Must be a "Street View" picture of a locomotive. Can be from ANY COUNTRY.
2. Must be able to read the Locomotive Number.
3. Identify the Railroad Company, Locomotive Number, and the location. If you want to identify the locomotive type that is okay, too.


Union Pacific #3910 at Kensett, Arkansas. Paste the URL of the scene as so:,290.49,,0,7.87

Let's get out there on Google Maps and see what we can find!


Dave Snow

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Union Pacific #1435, at South San Francisco (Grand Avenue overpass), California,321.26,,0,4.27

Found this nearby, too,
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Guys, can we just post LINKS and no extra pix? :) Don't want to clutter up the forum any more than it's already cluttered!

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Sorry Dave, the link I tried to use wouldn't work so I just figured I'd post a screenshot of it.
Those are all looking great guys! I love seeing those locos and the different locations. Sometimes I'll start "walking around" and see cool looking buildings!
My earlier post of ARR #3010 (forgot to post the number) leaving the Whittier tunnel - you can Google "walk" (or drive) through that tunnel since it is shared with the highway.