Golf Course


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As part of my Route I have to build a fair sized Golf Course.I downloaded Spooneys Golf Course a while ago but I"ve found that the the Bunkers are brilliant white although in the Viewer they are the correct Sand colour.I decided to try deleting and re downloading them.However when I downloaded them on Dialup with a total size of 1 Mb it was only a couple of minutes before the cow mooed so I have the feeling they weren"t actually fully deleted.According to CMP they are "not faulty".Is there any way to completely delete these items and try again or is it a known problem with this Asset?
I made a Golf Course layout that is 4 basebaords in size and suitable for importing or using in layouts. 113975:987728

As for the bunkers being white, they show up a normal sandy colour for me.

Select them in CMP and delete them.

It might also be a video card issue causing this.

Did they all appear as white or just 1? I only checked 1.
Thanks for your reply Alan.As I said earlier I got the impession that although I deleted them they weren"t "really" deleted.It cannot be a Graphics card or Driver issue , as I only have the problem with these 5 items.:eek: