Glass material


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Back in the old days, years ago, I used Gmax to make Trainz assets. It was easy to create required glass windowpanes with adjusted transparency.
I have since graduated to Blender 3.6 and I've tried everything to produce framed tinted windowpanes. Clear glass panels were all I could get no matter how dark the panes were in Blender.
I realize that clean glass panels are rare in trackside assets, the technique applied to locomotive windows and passenger rolling stock.
I've discovered that there is very little information about the .M.Glass material category, Wiki of no help.
Perhaps someone out in the Trainz uinverse has a solid grasp of how to use Blender 3.6 to create glass components. As I've had no luck, my experience in the matter has no value.

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It's been a while since I used Gmax and I remember the alpha channel determined transparency. Not sure about blender. If you haven't already, try a different solid color for the glass such as green. Any color except any shade of gray from black to white. With any luck the alpha channel will determine transparency of which ever color you choose for your glass. Maybe a solid black for your main color will work. Hope this at least steers you in the right direction.

Guessing the limited support for some legacy materials in newer TRS editions might be the cause...
Glass works fine in any version of Trainz the way you did/learned in the past
Here a station hood for the station of Mechelen in Belgium made a year ago
its a simple onetex material and the transparency done by alpha, the green coloring is in the main m.tga
with ma.bmp I control the transparency, white solid and grey seethrough

if you want it shiny m.gloss also works fine just add an environmental .bmp