Getting DCC Mode only.


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In TRS06, when any route I choose in 'driver' opens, I am getting a screen kind of light pale blue with nothing on it except the camera controls, top right, and the map view icon etc on the bottom right. There is no "Select Train Control Mode" window (for cab control or DCC mode). The only way to open, or start, the route is to go to the map view, zoom in on a loco or consist and click on it, then click map view again to return to the camera 2 view. This also puts me onto DCC Mode. Is there anyway to get onto Cab Control after the route opens? And does anyone know why this is happening in the first place?
This has nothing to do with SP1. It happens in TRS04, 06, and even in TC. It has happened to me many times. I do not know exactly what causes it but it seems to happen after you have created and driven a route a few times and then edited the default locomotive properties, like the loco name, and then when you go to driver mode again the games' default camera has "lost" track of who the default loco is, so you have to select one.