Geelong Rail 150

We may be a young country compared to may places but this weekend Geelong in Victoria, Australia is celebrating 150 years of operation.
Not exactly, Australia celebrated 150 years of steam railways in 2004, also in Victoria, not NSW as a lot of people (especially media) think.

But then again up until recently is was thought that a convict railway (the "locomotive Power" was 4 people power)(1) at Port Arthur was the very first railway/tramway in 1831, but it seems that this may now be disputed as their is evidence (& recently displayed) that the very first rail or tramway in Australia may have been in Newcastle, NSW.(2)

1. Tasmania's convict railway picture: HERE
2. Evidence that Newcastle MAY have had the first railway in Australia: HERE

A most significant discovery.
A piece of cast iron rail from the AA Co. first railway of 1831 has been discovered.

David Campbell, found it in soil dug out for foundations for a new house on the site of the AA Co ‘B’ pit.

We are currently checking the dates and source of this, but it appears to date from 1826, making it the oldest railway relic in Australia.
A picture of this piece history is in the Gallery,
under "The Great Northern Railway"
Hi Red Rattler

My post wasn't that Australia was celebrating 150 years, but that Geelong was. I missed a comma after "Australia".