GAURC Video: Danger On The Rails


Danger On The Rails
This documentary, part of the Investigative Reports series from the Arts and Entertainment Cable Network (A&E), explores the sometimes dangerous world of railroads in the United States. Narrated by Investigative Reports host and producer Bill Kurtis, this video describes how train safety is becoming a growing problem in the country. Interviews with train officials tell what the government is doing and not doing about these increasing cases of railroad accidents, derailments, and even crashes. Both accident survivors and family members of victims talk about their experiences with train nightmares. High-ranking legislators and government officials also speak out about the problems of America's trains and what the government and the railroad industry could do to help prevent major accidents. This video contains footage of crash sites and might not be suitable for some viewers.

Original Air Date: Nov 17 1995
44 Minutes
Windows Media File (.wmv) 101mb

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I was kind of hoping there might be some comments about the show...

I happen to think this holds just as true today as it did in 1995. Not much has changed in 18 years.