Gasworks Trifecta - Peckett - photos **(56k warning)**


Zec, the owner of ZecRail
Hi All
I went out to Emerald, in the Dandenong Ranges, in Victoria, Australia today to take photos of ex West Melbourne Gasworks Peckett loco. This loco was taking a special train from Emerald to Gembrook, and this was one of the few chance to see 'Peckett' without the 'Thomas' casing. All photos are taken at Emerald, I will also be uploading a video at a later time :)
And now for the photos:

The three 'little' engine on the Turntable at Emerald, out the front of the 'nursery'.

Peckett running through the yard at Emerald. (Sorry, pic is a little oversize to save detail)

Peckett sitting beside the Emerald carshops, before shunting the lead 2 carriages into the platform.

Same as above

Side view of Peckett (AKA sir John Gride)

Peckett sitting in the platform at Emerald

Front of Peckett

Peckett taking on water at Emerald

Another view of Peckett taking on water at Emerald

And for the kiddies, Thomas...

Wow Pecketts:udrool: I love industrials because there are no operating companies to worry about ok theres NCB and BSC but its no like LNER and LMS or B&O and NYC thankyou for the pictures I for one would welcome more.
I Don't know much about victorian tourist railways but is 'Peckett' the one thay call peter peckett cause i had a video of it once.

Id love to go to the puffing billy railway one day.
Peckett was a company in Bristol In the United Kingdom that built locomotives many of them ran on Industrial lines but a few did go mainline with operating companies they were usually shunting or switching loco's.
Yeah, PBR calls their 'Peckett' loco 'Peter Peckett' although this guise hasn't been used in many years. These days the loco wears a 'Thomas' casing, which is where that face comes from :)
Hey what do you know i got it right.
The video was really old so i was susprised i was right:D