Flickr updated terms: Free accounts limited to 1,000 & rest will be deleted


Since 09 May 2003
Please note, if you have a free Flickr account, and you have more than 1,000 photos/videos, some of those photos will be deleted from early 2019.
(And it looks like pro accounts have doubled in price)

If you have any photos/videos on a free account on this forum, and don't want to loose them, read below

Free accounts will soon be limited to 1,000 photos or videos. Flickr isn’t Flickr without the contributions and participation of our free members, and we remain committed to a vibrant free offering.

If you are a free member with more than 1,000 photos or videos, you will have ample time to upgrade to Pro (for 30% off your first year) or download your photos and videos.* Read more about this decision.

And in small fine print:-
*Free members with more than 1,000 photos or videos uploaded to Flickr have until Tuesday, January 8, 2019, to upgrade to Pro or download content over the limit. After January 8, 2019, members over the limit will no longer be able to upload new photos to Flickr. After February 5, 2019, free accounts that contain over 1,000 photos or videos will have content actively deleted -- starting from oldest to newest date uploaded -- to meet the new limit.
Always will remain Instagram for those that want to share a huge quantity of pictures :(
Just had an email about this, not that I have been using my Flickr account as I have an Image shack account, went for paid ages ago as decent free sites without restrictions are getting fewer.

This is due to Verizon taking over AOL and Yahoo now Oath and selling Flickr to Smugmug. I would say Flickrs days are probably numbered and it will eventually get merged with Smugmug.
Grr. In fairness it will probably be many moons before I get near 1000 pics. Still, in a years time flickr will probably be stocked full of ads, they'll make some unimprovements that will make it not user friendly, and we'll think back to the good old days
I don't have to worry since I use free image hosting. You just upload the images then copy the link and put it here in