Fixing a fix


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Aweek ago I found a new update of one of my cars, so it must have been a N3v fix only who ever did it did not look at it, the ARN was in the wrong place. I now have fixed that and uploaded a newer one. I did find that the old one had an error in TS19 and TS22 now, it did not have errors when I uploaded it to the DLS. I do not know why the error. When I made them in TANE with Blender 2.79 all was OK, updated to PBR for TS19 and all OK then all OK in TS22. I think one of the SP's did it. My fix was I had to re-make about half the mesh in Blender 2.83. Some of the old mesh copped over Ok some did not and I could not get them to work in the newer Blender.

Now I have to go look and see what other ones are wrong, I made 12 boxcars in that grope.