Fix for BR ZHV mineral wagon in TS12 SP1 S&C add-on


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Because my installation of Trainz was becoming a bit unwieldy with slow loading of routes and sessions as a result of the number of assets (nearly 45000, not much compared to some I know) and because their is a sale on TS12 I decided to purchase a digital version. This comes already patched so I felt was preferable to installing from my boxed set which would require patching.

The main point here is that after the S&C content had automatically downloaded I found that the BR ZHV wagons were showing up correctly so it would seem that the S&C update was not installing correctly.

I went back to my previous install and found that there were two versions of S&C in the Userdata/Packages folder: ts09ap1a and ts09ap1b, the old version; and tdd023_1 and tdd23-02 the new install. I deleted all of these then did a database repair in Content Manager. When that was complete I relaunched Driver and S&C was automatically downloaded. When complete I quit Trainz and launched Content Manager which inevitably went into a validation. Following this I went back to Driver and loaded the ZHV wagons which were now showing correctly.

It would therefore seem that the S&C update is not always updating the old versions of at least some of the assets despite a database repair (EDR or QDR) and that the old files in the Userdata/Package folder need to be deleted. I do not know if leaving the tdd023_1 and tdd23-02 files and doing a database repair will be sufficient or if these need to be deleted so that a new install can be performed.

So if you are still having a problem with these wagons and/or other assets in S&C you may need to do what is outlined here.

Edit - details of problem are here:
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