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The only working steam tram in TS12 I have is Toby, who looks rather silly backwards.

So, is there any steam trams out there for TS12?
(Or, if older models just need some tweaking to work, please guide me through)
There's one older model, G.E.R. Tram, I think it's called.

Looking for 'G.E.R.' should find it.

I am not sure of the errors it might have but I think there were one or two. Try it and find out. :D

Errors are...
Warning: This asset uses an obsolete trainz-build number. Trainz-build numbers below 2.9 are no longer supported.
Error: Texture 'steam_tram_shadow/back-white.texture' is missing or could not be loaded in mesh 'steam_tram_shadow\', material 'original*hash-3a\kuid2 141830 20 2\steam_tram_shadow**shadow*2718C9BD*9 - default*m.onetex'.
Warning: The *.texture.txt file is missing for texture resource 'attachments/front.texture'.
Warning: The texture 'steam_tram_body/back-white.tga' is a uniform color.
Warning: The texture 'steam_tram_body/bell.tga' is a uniform color.
Warning: The texture 'steam_tram_body/blue.tga' is a uniform color.
Well, only one of those is an Error. Either make a texture for the shadow mesh or remove the reference to the shadow from the mesh-table.

On a simpler note..(Sorry for large image).. where can I find these types of powerlines on the DLS?(If not on the DLS but elsewhere please link)