Fatal Error


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Any idea what is going on here? This happens after about 10-30 minutes of running my route. I have a feeling it might be something to do with DirectX,



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Try running Trainz in OpenGL and see if that clears the problem. If it doesn't, then there may be a conflict with something else.


Have you ran Trainzdiag.exe lately ?

Possibly something will show up that helps ?

Try running one of the built in route and see if it does the same, if it dose, it's your computer if not it's something in your route.
This happens to me quite often, more commonly when I edit route and save the scene. Loading the scene from the saved files causes the hardware error, but the default route loads normally. Sometimes, checking Disable Hardware T&L solves the problem.


Update: I just solved my crash problems this way:
Use OpenGL as the renderer, set the Advanced settings to Default, the Cache size to 32M, and check Disable Hardware T&L.
Frame rate=32 FPS. Now, I can even run Razorback's Dual :)
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I think I solved it. . . i THINK

I may have solved my problem. I shut down all my Pop-up blockers, Virus blockers, and Spyware catchers... set it to Direct X with a bit rate to 16. So far, no crashes.

If I start getting Fatal Errors again I'll Try CaseyJ's suggestions.

Thanks everyone.