Europe before 1970

Hello fromthe center of France ...

Cosplay said : "Dear Kilanziom, I love your beautiful artwork." I can just confirm that and say "thank you Piotr !!! "

Trains in the valley of river Loire :





Friendly, Marc
Cosplay, Giraud - the pleasure is on my side.

Speaking of some news from the yard... two last missing pieces of the historic 1970s SNCF pack based upon former DRG/DRB/PKP cars are here, last... at least for some time now,

Hello from France ,

it is very kind from your part to create french stuff , the french trainzers are gratefull for that...

Thanks again for your amazing job for Trainz Piotr...

Very friendly, Marc
W.I.P Finnied Norway Yard .... Found a pic of the station and abondoned island platform on internet and after converting Sulitjema line to narrow gauge want to alter this station to better show how it could have been.

History originally the line was only built to the other side of the mountains and the coal was shipped to Finnied by river barge and transfured to main line, only trouble was when the lakes froze over so the line was extended through 2 more tunnels to finnied, the wharf now minus the old coal cranes is no longer used these tunnels are now part of the national road network

any ideas or more information accepted


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Thank you for your kind comments.

Graham, just curious, did you finish the route with the big double-track helixes?

Last year I changed 2 of the double-track helixes to a single 4-track oval helix :eek: , I'll get some pics up soon in one of the Model Railway threads.
I need to complete some bridge reskins to put on the DLS and then get the route finished.

My work has been slowed right down by health issues, I thought I was cleared but had a setback, I will return to 'normal' as soon as I can.

Another shot from the Anaheim Route


From Blue to you Sir,

Wishing you speedy recovery with your Illness..........

Thank you for sharing your Pictures, always enjoy the views of accomplishment. :cool:

Tomorrow I go to Church at Sunrise, your name will come our prayers that our Lord in heaven look over you.:D
I am not sure which image you are both referring to, but,

Rheingold coaches are by author vasquez

<kuid2:121945:15281:5> Rheingold sa4u
<kuid2:121945:15280:4> Rheingold sa4uk
<kuid2:121945:15282:4> Rheingold sb4uk
<kuid2:121945:15283:4> Rheingold sb4u
<kuid2:121945:15284:4> Rheingold SPw4u

and the

Black BR18 is by p-dehnert, all on the DLS and in CM.

<kuid:206816:182> DRG BR 18.3 Tender
<kuid:206816:184> DRG BR 18.3 with Windleitblechen
<kuid:206816:183> DRG BR 18.3 without smoke deflectors

I'll be back to creating/repainting in a week or so.