Europe before 1970


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Anybody interested in European screenshots when trains were green, black, red and a little blue?
Question of not disturbing young trainzer with their traxx, eurosprinter and other engines painted like a nowadays biker is dressed.
All shots of Europe before 1970 are welcome!


Good day,

I love the initiative. I am a very big fan of the DB Epoche III and IV. Very inspiring screens I have to say.

Here is one from me also.


Thnx for the comment.

I am getting ready for a special project concerning this era.
I will post more screens as I progress.

Thanks. It's one of the effects filters in Corel Paintshop Pro. It has a nice effect on certain screen shots. I use it sparingly. The one below is pretty much unenhanced.

Do you have any suggestions for electrified German rail routes on the DLC? I don't seem to be able to find any, besides the Ostalgie II route.


Do you have any suggestions for electrified German rail routes on the DLC? I don't seem to be able to find any, besides the Ostalgie II route.


You mean, like this one ? :)






It's not actually on the DLS yet, but it will be when I've finished it, probably 3-4 weeks time.
Wow, your route looks wonderful. :Y: And yes! I’d be looking for just such a route. The night shot is really spectacular, and I love the variety of engines shown in your other screenshots. I will be looking forward to your finished product. Is it based on a particular location or free-lanced? Very nice work.

Hi Heinrich,
Thanks for the positive comments :)

It's one of my Imagineered routes, It is based in a mountainous region of Germany.
I really like being inventive with my routes and this one really was a challenge, when you see it in the flesh you will understand.
I am waiting for the TANE SP4 to be released, then I can finish off my TANE routes, publish them and then over time convert them to TRS19 and PBR.
This route was started in TANE and I brought it into TRS19 and I converted it to PBR textures just to see how the conversion process was, it was not easy, but now I have a better understanding of both PBR textures and Turf FX for future route use.

I am limited to the length of time I can sit comfortably at the moment due to falling and bruising my coccyx, what a pain in the ar$e!

here's a couple more teaser shots for you.


That night shot of the lighted tower and the headlight reflection in the water is superb! The composition is magical.

Many route builders are voicing the same thing about the challenge of converting TANE routes to TRS19 with PBR textures. I think you've done a really great job at that. I'll run routes in TANE or TRS19 - I think both have their strong points but I haven't the time to attempt route building yet. I'm sure that will come, as the creative bug will eventually overtake me, but for now I really enjoy everyone elses' creativity.

You've certainly got me hooked and I will be looking forward to your releases. Your screen shots have a very authentic feel about them. Sorry to hear of your injury and I hope you recover quickly. Not being able to sit for too long has to be really taxing.