ETCS Display

I was actually wondering about something similar, useful especially with high speed trains. Is it possible to create a rule similar to Custom HUD which shows the state of more than one signal ahead of your train? On high speed lines signal blocks are often much shorter than a normal braking distance and sometimes there are no physical trackside signals, which are replaced by ETCS, LZB etc. (this can be done in Trainz by using invisible signals). Referring only to the next signal would be not enough to safely stop the train from its full speed.
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I have the TGV signals. I purchased a French Signal pack.
I will try to make the ETCS speedometer in Photoshop. First I will try with the invisible signals.
Hi Mick,
The ERTMS (European Rail Trafic Management System, in development on new European high speed lines) indicator is in the middle of the dashboard visible on the video :
The needle shows the actual speed, and the ring around it shows the target speed .
On the video it seems to be prototypicaly functional : this is a great achievement :udrool: !!