error on SP woodchip hoppers


Gone for good~
Just installed the SP woodchip hoppers into Trainz 2010 a few minutes ago, and the woodchip hopper is showing faulty. When the 'view errors and warnings is clicked the following error shows up: Error: The kuid '<kuid:-3:10040>' specified in '0' is not of the correct type. Not sure whats going on here but would anyone be able to help me out with this?
As a guess, Id wager it has to do with being written with a TS12 Script of some sort. I do know they're trying to move ALL their releases to TS12 only, so this might be the first freeware Rail Car.... /shrug. I'm sure you'll get a better answer from them later though

might be a config problem that isn't caught in TS12. Looks like some discrepancy between bulk and liquid product types.

I'd tend to think your right there. This is the only railcar from JR that has ever done this. @Conrail_3004: I'll try your suggestion, but I'll clone it and keep the original around until whatever's causing this gets figured out. I'm going back to Trainz 12 anyway so not too worried.