Environmental settings cause havoc with seasonal trees.


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I recently moved over to SP4 from SP1 in windows 10 and there a few things that are annoying me, and I wondered if anyone else had the same issues.
One, I cant set a route image, when I go to edit route, I do what I've done for years to change the thumbnail , it doesn't appear to have changed form SP1 . the image shows in the dialogue box, but and even after saving, there is no change to the route thumbnail. its a DEM , is that something to do with this situation ?
secondly. Some of Roys and EMTs seasonal aspens are bare when added, even though the season is summer. I can change the month one way or another and they spring into full foliage, but when I return to edit the next time I open up the route , they are bare, and yes they are in the route layer , not session layer. and the world origin is correct This is extremely irritating , is this a long standing issue that can only be fixed up moving to SP5 ?