Engine spec issue CN/IC patched C40-8W


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I seem to be having an issue with <kuid:45324:6408> (Engine Spec) for the abve mentioned locomotive.

It popped up as missing after attempting to use the loco in game. It did not show as missing after the initial download. I deleted and redownloaded/installed the loco a couple times to no avail. The engine spec now shows as open for edit but will not let me commit it.

Thanks for any help/suggestions,
The engine spec is available on the CDP so try deleting it altogether then reinstalling it from the CDP. It will install as an updated version and should work. I had the same issue and did the aforementioned procedure and the CN/IC C40 is working great.

i amfairly certain it is some bug with assets and DLC available from N3V the problem should eventually sort itself but this is not the first time it has been raised.
Hi Guys,

I deleted I re-downloaded/installed and content manager managed to pick off the updated version of the engine spec, and it allowed for committing. Though it picked off the updated version it still shows the original version as a missing dependency. Any thought on what to do/try next.

Thanks again for all the help,