Engine Direction


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Can anyone tell me where in all the containers involved in "KIND Traincar" that the forward direction of a locomotive is specified?

Thanks :)
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I am not sure it is. It may just default to the direction of the track, which for some reason has a direction. But I don't know for sure.
Yes, and If I drop an F7 onto any track, it always faces correctly with the green and red direction arrows, so the F7 must have some indicator of which way is the front...
All "KIND Traincar" have to have a.limfront, a.bog0, a.bog1, and a.limback witch is what makes the front.

Cool, Thank you!

BTW... i absolutely adore your content! ever get around to making more like this? there is plenty of Budd equipment out there but none have this shiny appearance, except for the couple of reskins of this one. would love to see a full B&O consist like this... The Columbian, The Capitol Express, The Royal Blue...

any way, thanks for the info, I'll look into that!