End-of-track derailment spotted on Google Maps

I couldn't tell you, but here's another view found in Bing of the same area.


If you go to bird's eye view, you can see a covered hopper parked on the same branch just before the dumped hopper car. I followed the line a bit north, and that used to go on but it's been abandoned pretty recently in favor of a rail trail. :(

A few miles north there is an old RR bridge, and the ROW is visible for a few more miles as a bike path

They almost had to pay for that power transmission pole
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Looked on Google Earth historical, been there since 2004 that works or whatever wasn't there or the sidings. 2002 was just the end of the track, Doesn't look to me like the pole was there in 2004.
I don't know the exact story behind it, but it appears the cars are abandoned with that section of the branch. Other than for that fertilizer facility and the Algamated Sugar factory, there isn't much to be had on that branch anymore. Used to go all the way to Emmett, where there was a Boise Cascade mill there, but they closed it down, and with it went most of the branch you see there.