Driverless train travels 27km ... backward...


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Okay, I know it is dangerous and a small miracle no accidents happened, but I giggled for a moment after reading this:"Yeah, you go start the engine already."
You panicked and jumped off the train? Really? That sounded like the smart thing to do?

That is amazing that no one was squished!

Are you sure it wasn't an AI train that got messed up coming out of a portal? :)

And where was the driver? He was merely standing on the platform, chewing beetle leaf.
AI Driver Mohammad Ali had got down from the train and asked his assistant Faisal Hossain to start the engine. But the naïve assistant did something wrong which made the train start rolling backward without the driver.

The Faridpur Express train was supposed to go to Faridpur from Rajbari station at about 8:10am. Instead, it started running back on the Rajbari-Poradaha route.
“The train ran up to Pangsha railway station without any drivers on board,” Director Traffic of Bangladesh Railway Zahurul Islam told The Daily Star.
“Before I could realise what was happening the train shot out of the station,” said AI driver - Mohammad Ali

No doubt that the AI Driver (former heavyweight boxing champion of the world-Mohammad Ali) will undergo substance abuse testing for Beatle Leaf usage
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