Download Issues (Missing dependencies)


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Hi, I am quite new to downloading on Trainz simulator and was wondering why the rolling stock and engines I've downloaded have a "Missing Dependencies" warning beside them? Also in the game what I have downloaded appears in red and not white like everything else and doesn;t let me place it on the track. If you know how I can fix this please let me know.
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To start with, I will explain a bit about dependencies in Trainz terms. Like in real life, a train for example requires bogeys, an engine etc. It works similar in Trainz.

If a dependency is missing, it means it's not present on your system. To find out what it is, right-click the asset in Content Manager and click View Dependencies.

If the dependency is on the Download Station, a DS icon will appear next to it, which can be downloaded by clicking View in Main List then right-clicking the relevant entry and clicking Download.

If the dependency is not on the Download Station, it will appear in the form of a KUID (Koolthingz Unique Identifier). In cases like this, you will need to check other sites for the item - a site that will help you with this is Trainz Kuid Index (

You may also find my guide in the DLS,FCT forum helpful.

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To put Shane's words in perspective, think about how modern aircraft (I'll use my local manufacturer, Boeing, as an example) are put together.

In Boeing's main assembly line, different parts and systems from around the world are all put together on one frame. Some of these parts, such as wings, are made in countries around the world, by different companies.

Likewise, Trainz uses a somewhat similar method for content. The train you downloaded has different 'parts' to it, such as sounds, interiors, horns, etc.

The "final assembly" occurs when Trainz is started up, and the software checks to see if all the 'parts' are downloaded and working. If something is missing or broken, Trainz will not load the locomotive (to prevent bugs and glitches).

It may seem annoying at first, but think about it:
You wouldn't fly a plane if the wings were missing

Hopefully that helps you understand how Trainz works

Sometimes, when an asset has dependencies which also have their own sub-dependencies the CMP does not "get" them all in one pass. As noted above you need to examine the items hierarchy tree for their dependencies and the sub dependencies, select these and add to Download Helper to get.