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Hi, this may not be exactly Trainz relates but Trainz is the reason I started this little project...

So a while ago I got the Trainz 2-8-2 Mikado #19 Oregon Pacific and Eastern, and I loved it. I have always loved the movie emporer of the North and found my favorite little Loco. But alas my computer failed and the model went with it never to be seen again

So my first question is where I can get the Loco back.

And my second question is, that because of my love of HO does anyone know of that engine being produced. I haven't found anything myself but I am still in the hunt it doesn't even need the Oregon pacific and Eastern paint it can be Yreke or other but I just would love some help locating it.

Any Ideas?

Emperor of the North was my favorite movie, there as several SP&S boxcars on the DLS, search description: Seattle, Oregon, Portland, NP, Northern Pacific

I hope you find it somewhere on an external Trainz site
OK thanks for the information so far, is there any hope as to finding the model? Is the 19 a class of locomotive, i'd paint and reletter the ho model if necessary?

Again Thanks

Oregon Pacific & Eastern

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