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Thank you very much, but as for myself I have not found that thang very easy to use, so maybe you can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for all the hot keys used in the new version. The reason I'm asking is for my Raildriver. I have five button's on the side I need to program called, range, e-stop, alert, sand, p, and bell, I know what the bell is. I looked in Trainz manual and cant find the first three and the last two, if there set to the same hot key. Thank again for any help.
In the game System Menu go to Settings > Control Settings. That shows all your hotkeys and you can edit them.
No info on enginespecs. I have the old TRS2006 manual and I'm well aware of how the throttle and dynamic brake curves are defined. The thing that is stumping me at the moment is working out how TRS19 calculates when wheelslip should occur. Changing the adhesion in the enginespec does nothing.

Edit: then I remembered the new "maximum-tractive-effort" tag in the loco config file. Of course, almost all the other parameters that effect locomotive physics are in the enginespec but not the parameter governing adhesion or mass. Those are in the locomotive's config file. Totally logical.
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Same problems here

I know it dates me severely, but I really prefer a hard copy, well-organized manual or set of manuals to having to hunt around in the off chance I find something useful.
Thanks for this, which will be a great help. I haven't explored the links thoroughly yet, but do they explain how to change/adjust what kind of road traffic we see?