Do points have a purpose anymore?


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On my JR account, I've noticed I have 84 points at the moment from previous purchases. I remember, on the old version of the site, they used to be available to apply discounts - but on the current site, it doesn't seem like they do anything? It's entirely possible I've just missed a button somewhere, but it seems a little redundant to have the system if it doesn't have a function.
Points are still $0.05 per point, and still able to be used during checkout.

You possibly just missed a button.
Could you please be kind enough to post a screenshot of the check-out page and highlight the said button? I have been unable to use points for my last purchases and keep loosing them due to them expiring. Thank you.
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Here, did it for y'all. Note the red markings added in MSPAINT.

Screenshotted/posted 5/20/2023, using Google Chrome




If you have a popup blocker in your Web browser, it can sometimes stop the points window from popping up so you can choose how many to use.
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