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So DLS is turned off or is everyone going nuts trying to get content becaues they think Auran is at its demise?
I do think the latter, as always in case of trouble in life. That's human being! The CMP is downloading rather good but the front page is overcrowded!


:hehe: I'm downloading a beer from my fridge! :hehe:

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No problems with the DLS here, downloading fine, using CMP. Just a few small assets to ensure it's working. It is.
The DLS is down...YES....But the CMP works....YES....We all know that already...
DLS Problems?

So DLS is turned off or is everyone going nuts trying to get content becaues they think Auran is at its demise?

I couldn't log into the forum through TRS2004 site had to come in through TC site. I got that sick feeling that reminds me of the great crash of the old forum. :confused: Glad to be here. :)

The source of DLS problems: Have no idea will guess one or more of the following

1.) Official - Too many users.
2.) Technical - equipment failure.
3.) Financial - save bandwidth.
4.) Hackers - someone is attacking DLS:'(
5.) Security - someone might try attacking the DLS

Hopefully this is resolved soon
The DLS is down

You mean the Web portal to the DLS, is that correct? In my mediocre understanding of information technology that's something slightly different.

CMP uses a different access protocol to the very same data.
The DLS has its data stored on a FTP server, if you have TRS2004 you can access the DLS via an FTP client. The web page for the DLS has been taken down, probably to alleviate some of the strain on Auran resources at this current moment in time. CMP will still access the DLS as it connects to the FTP server by what I presume is its own built in FTP client, and possible has its own server for finding out what is available on the DLS and other CMP communications.

It will more then likely soon be back up and running....:cool: ....Keep them fingers crossed ;)
Looks like Auran will cease to be

Why? Do you have any further information you can share with us apart from the official one supplied by The Brisbaners?

Is panic taking over as in other aspects of civil emergency cases? :eek: Are we assaulting and sacking the shop & store?

Please, let's calm down and just let's see what's coming on.

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I guess no one has been paying any attention that the iportal and ichat servers have been giving problems for over a week. They are trying to find the problem and one solution that I was given was to move the servers to another location. This might what they are going now or just working on things to fix the other servers. On the interent, servers go down, get taken down for maintainence or other things happen.

Why is it that everyone is always ready to jump to unfounded conclusions?
Sorry guys i didnt mean to start a thread with so much confusion. I guess i should have stated it differently.

I tried to get on the DLS and kept getting the aforementioned web page.

Being new to this stuff I didnt realize there was another way to use the CMP. I thought we had to go through the DLS to find out the content available or to do any downloading.

Hopefully all will be restored to normal soon. I feel for those that have lost their positions as I am a company owner and for the first time in 15 years had to lay people off this year. It is no fun for both the employees an the owners.
Everyone should just calm down and not panic. If Trainz/Auran sticks around, then everything will be okay. If not, then there's not really anything we can do about it. Life goes on. It really amazes me how everyone gripes about Auran and now that there's the possibility that they may not be around, we panic. Sounds like the classic love/hate relationship.
Just go play Trainz for awhile and let everything sort out. It will calm you down just to run a few trains.
If this site happens to go down...just want to say that it's been fun and best of luck to all of you.
Nice to hear that from a boss! ;) Really annoying for both but more for employees! :confused:

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Your right it is tougher on the employees but i have nightmares of women crying in my office and worrying about how people are going to support their families. Wife says I worry to much about others but i think its important. We are in the construction industry and since building is down so much we have gone from almost 40 employees to 15 over the last 9 months. Some have left but most were laid off and there are more coming. I am just not going to do it this time of year and am going to hold onto them until after xmas. I have not been taking a paycheck to make sure they get paid. Im not a huge corp but it sounds like Auran took care of their people a little with some type of payroll package. Hopefully the market for those folks will be good in Australia and they will find gainfull employment.

In our industry things will come back, it just might take another year or so.
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