Display the name of the station when you arrive


Is it possible to display the name of the station in the window, for example using [drivercommand] when I arrive there?

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Not sure what you mean by that. KUID numbers for the Message Popup Rule and/or the Track Markers?

You don't need kuids for them, they are built into every copy of Trainz since at least TS2006.
OK, but

Is there a driver [rule] that sends the name of the [trigger] tag to the window ?
I thought I would get a ready-made solution, but if not, I will definitely develop my own so that the driver [rule] will send each [trackmark] with the station name to the window.

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I'm not at my Trainz computer, but if you'll download a SESSION (not the route) of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway route, we use HTML popup windows to describe what's about to happen. And, along the way, there are triggers set to add more info as the train moves along. This might help you.

Sebastian - You can search the DLS for "Driver Alert" driver command. It can display any message you like. Messages are stored in the Input Table rule. Each one must start with a sequential number

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Will these be on the DL? It would be nice if they were so we can use them on released sessions.


I have almost every version of Trainz since 2004
and I have never uploaded anything and don't intend to.
But from time to time I share my ideas or modifications
in the form of an inquiry to me and a link.

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