disappearing trains and finding the problem


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I have been route building for years now, but I have not actually "played' trainz very much. I believe I suffer from the delusion that one day the route(s) I'm working on will be done and I can see them for what they are. I know I'm not alone here with this, and at times I get bored and download stock and locomotives...whether it be payware or freeware. Occaisonally I like to take screenshots of what I'm working on with trains in the picture...so this means I need consists. I have a couple...around ten or so saved, backed up..checked out...just fine. Or so i thought. It seems that just by sitting around things can go bad. Six out of those ten (I'm not being exact here, just trying to prove a point) will no longer show up. They are fine in surveyor but as soon as I go into driver all I can see is exhaust from the locomotives. Going back into surveyor they are now on an "invisible layer". Getting them to show up again is an easy fix...create a temporary route layer, merge into main route layer and BAM the consist is back...but this doesn't solve anything. It happens over and over. As far as I can go is to create a route of a couple baseboards and tracks to place the problem consists on, save the route and open in CMP to check for any problems....nothing....no errors, just a few warnings here and there but that seems normal in this game. Hopefully someone will take the time to share some insight or suggestion...script error? I dunno.
Justin, I encountered something similar when porting TUME's Avery-Drexel route into 12. The consists in the sessions were imported on the route layer and did not show up in session layer. I fixed it while the consists were visible by editing each vehicle with the "?", changing each one's layer to "Session." Leave "Bound Layer" blank.