Diesel Servicing Facility


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I am looking for a diesel servicing facility
but I am looking for one that looks like this in this photo
If Im not mistaken that isn't a real diesel servicing facility, its just 3 concert slaps with 3 sand towers and fuel cranes. I can get the kuids in a minute.

concert slab: (mat05) kuid:38793:2700015 (should be built-in)
Sanding tower: kuid2:44797:280029:1
fuel crane: kuid2:38408:28003:1

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I don't believe that thats a single facility.... I think thats a concrete pad, a few individual Fuel Stands, and several Sand Towers plunked down evenly on top of each other with "Rails only" laid through the Concrete. Not sure though. I think Dermmy's Clovis sub had a similar set up, so maybe it is a single asset? /shrug.

Whether it is or not though, you could always create it with the assets I mentioned above anyway. Lord knows route builders have to do that often enough anyway.....


edit: lol, beat me to it Chomz!
The one in the pic can be turned into a 5 track unit by spinning the cement mats sideways.
I use that setup all the time since Dermmy put it in Clovis 2. Also look for EDS sanding tower it is a bit more compact than the one shown.