Delivery Trucks

Lol I mean for trainz.
I tried making in skp but let's just say it didn't go well. I'm wondering if someone has already made something like this that I could use.
Also look for JCAR. Japanese cars. There are some Isuzu delivery box-style trucks in there that look really, really good.

<kuid:461543:1252> JCAR ISUZUA1
<kuid:461543:1253> JCAR ISUZUB1
<kuid:461543:1254> JCAR ISUZUB2
<kuid:461543:1255> JCAR ISUZUB3
<kuid:461543:1256> JCAR ISUZUB4
<kuid:461543:1257> JCAR ISUZUB5
<kuid:461543:1258> JCAR ISUZU DVAN
<kuid:461543:1259> JCAR ISUZUG1
Just beware that those trucks, whilst looking great, are high poly so use them sparingly.
Thanks all!

I'll look at the ones you suggested!

Dave -- if you do end up making those, you have a definite taker in me; my route is prob. 50% your stuff.
Try also the following:

You will also get a larger variety if you search the above in the description of the asset instead of the title. It'll take a lot more sorting, but you might find some that you wouldn't find if you used the above in the title. Also, it's best that you should search all categories, as some people classify their vehicles as 'Buildings / Structures' or 'Terrain Features'.
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