Deleting Baseboards


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Hi, in sifting through this forum i'm unable to find what i neeed, I'm a TRS04 user and i'm trying to merge Yorkshire parts 7 & 8, how do i delete the baseboards that show up in red?
Don't delete the red baseboards! They are part of the route you are merging. Just hit the arrow on the window and move the red baseboards to where they match up to the original route you are merging to.
You can leave a space between the routes if you want.

Hope this helps.
hi I have recently merged these routes my self. You only have to delete the red areas off one map. Afterwards you will have to go into surveyor to rejoin the tracks and repair the the terrain. It is a tedious job but worth it in the end.
Open the route in Surveyor. Open the minimap and click to take you to the baseboard you want to delete. In Surveyor just to the right of the "add baseboard" tool, click on the "delete baseboard" tool and then click anywhere on the baseboard to delete it.
Save the route frequently when you do this. You can't undo a board delete.
If you delete the wrong board, close the route without saving and reopen it.
Work slowly and carefully and you should be fine. Also note that you frequently have a narrow gorge at the joint where the routes merge. You'll have to clean this up. It's not hard, but it is annoying.

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In the past when I have deleted baseboards I have found that not all the splines on the board will be erased.:eek: To avoid this I will erase the splines before erasing the basedboard. :confused: