Delete missing object


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from my map I can´t delete object, KUID is not in config of map or in installed part of Content Manager. On map there is only junction part of this object, which I can´t selected and deleted. On picture you can see in red area that white strafe lines.

Can somebody know how to fix it ?


If this is the only instance, you can run the Delete Missing Assets utility.

In Surveyor, click on the Tools icon on the top menu bar.
Click on Delete Missing assets.

There will be a warning about it saying you can't undo the operation. Click okay and let it run. There will be a progress bar and that should be it. If you click on the small triangle next to the progress bar, you can watch the progress in detail. (Preferred).

As always, it's highly recommended you back up your route first. Exporting your route to a CDP is the preferred method for this.