Delaware Lackawanna Pocono Main

I'm also sorry to hear about your family loss. Prayers of comfort for you and your loved ones.
Great job on the DL&W !
I'm doing the DL&W Utica Division, from Utica, NY down to Binghamton, Ny. Only differences are that mine is further north and from the late 1800's. I've decided to re-skin a bunch of trees and vegetation for darker shades to like more natural for the Upstate NY region. I also enjoy collecting DL&W artifacts, such as maps, timetables, oil lanterns and oil cans.

I look forward to following your progress, once you are able. Take care !
Thank you to all who sent condolences my way. I appreciate them very much.

Please add my Condolences in your loss, with all the things going on right now, it can be very difficult......

Please take the time you need mourn, will be here when you return Sir......

God bless and comfort you and family.......

Update:Great looking work product I see tonight........Take care, Steady as she goes Captain
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As Promised here is a small update.

Looking westbound at MP 130

Well after completely burning myself out on this route, I'm back. It's been almost a year since I've actually put time in working on this route, but nonetheless I'm back at it again. I'll try not to burn out again, here's the completed Dunmore Reservoir #7 scene.

So after a long hiatus and a lot of frustration with the transition from TANE to TRS19, my Delaware Lackawanna Pocono Mountain Route is alive and well in TRS19. This has allowed me to start putting some work into it, before my hiatus I hit a road block when trying to figure out how to recreate the Nay Aug Tunnel. Well after moving to TRS19 more assests were available to me and I was able to make my rendition of it in the game and here are the results.