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I recently got a quote from the one Lansing, Michigan dealer who offers custom built computers. Much to my surprise, the quote was less than expected and for very good components. The single manuifacturer I'd not heard of before was Ultra Products whose Aluminus Black High Gloss case (ULT31824) was specified in the quote. From the manufactuer's website I learned this is a full tower aluminum case with removable motherboard tray and quick-connect hard drive connections. Even so, I'd prefer the opinions of Trainzers who actually have this case. If you have one, please let me know how satisfied (or not) you are with yours

I assume this is the case?

Either way, Ultra is actually a reasonable brand. It's definately top-of-the-line like Thermaltake or companies like that, but they are cheap in price and are more than enough to get the job done. Since it's the case it's not as big of a concern, but I trust them enough to use RAM and PSU's from them and I know their cases are solid enough.

Personally I wouldn't worry about it.

Darn if I had known you lived that close to me I would have volunteered to build one for you lol
I bought one last month to throw together a secondary system with my P4 3.6, and 5700 card. Although it generates alot of heat, the two 120's seem to handle it well.

I'm pleased with the case for the money.
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Thank all of you for your responses.

GP_38-2: Exactly the same except for PS as I'm getting a separate 650 W Antec.

It looks like a very good case. My only concern is placement of the power supply at the top - for you it might not be an issue but for me it would be impossible due to the size of my CPU fan.. I use Antec 900 case, they are a good alternative if you are interested but this case is definitely fine as well.
This case looks not to bad, seems to have decent amoutn of ventilation. Also a removeable motherboard tray is a goodsend if you do your own installs tinkering etc. $100 cant go wrong.

Off topic sorry, omber ive been trying to send you a private message about your computer specs but it keeps telling me to log in but wont take me to were i want to go. So im sorry for hijacking thread. Omber does yur computer run trainz well, ive benn looking at very similar stuff. Just PM me if you choose to reply.

Once again very sorry for the Hijack!!!

That case does look like a very good choice. My old Thermaltake Shark case was laid out similar to that one. The only thing I personally didnt like about it was how the hard drives are situated in the case, but a SATA cable with the angled connector (ie the "bent" connector, not the straight one) would be perfect in that situation, and with two 120mm fans in there, you should have enough ventilation.

the air flow director on the side panel could make it so you cant fit your cpu fan though if it is too big remove the "cone" attachment.

and if i didnt have a thermaltake soprano i would have one of them :)
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