CPR Slocan Lake Branch rail operations interaction with the CPR Lake Route Sternwheelers and Rail barges circa 1902


The Slocan region of British Columbia in 1902 was all about the interconnections of Sternwheelers on the Kootenay Lake, Slocan Lake and Arrow Lakes in alignment with the CPR Passenger services and freight operations of the Columbia and Kootenay Railway, a subsidiary of the CPR. Passengers could seamlessly travel form communities on Sternwheelers and board passenger trains with the same ticket at the wharf. Freight movements connected extras with the rail barges creating a seamless freight network.

I have posted a new video on a railfan trip exploring the railway history of the Slocan Valley and the operations of the Sternwheelers on Slocan Lake. If you like trains, sternwheeelrs, rail barges and history, this video should be enjoyable.

That's a really nice operation, Dave. It's hard to believe that the barge operation lasted 101 years.

Is the Slocan City branch still in use?

thanks for the thoughts. the Slocan Lake Branch was abandoned in 1993 and became the Slocan Valley Rail Trail. Fact checking, the barge operation ceased operations in 1988, so didnt quite make 100 years.
Sad to hear and that's typical for a rail line these days because trails are so much better.