Columbia and Kootenay Ry Passenger Train Youtube video


This is a new series of videos based on the Columbia and Kootenay Railway that ran from Proctor on Kootenay Lake via Nelson to Robson on the Columbia River in 1902. (Pre Castelgar bridge).This video follows a passenger train as it links up with the Columbia and Kootenay Steamship Navigation Co SS Nelson in Proctor, stops in Nelson and arrives in Robson to connect with the SS Lytton on the Columbia River.

I have spent the last 8 months (started in Sept 2020) building the C&KR and getting all of the operations functional. Especially challenging was handling the amount of rail barge traffic that needed to move across a single track that was arriving from the Columbia and Western RR to the west and the Canadian Pacific Railway to the east. At times the Nelson yard had every track filled with railcars.

Also available on Youtube is the Columbia and Western 6 part series, search "Trainz C&WRR"

Future videos to be released will be C&KR Coal train and a C&KR freight Train.

Please share with friends and clubs and kids.

Any feedback on the route for improvement is welcome as research material for early 1900's is limited
Hope a lot of folks come watch your Video and enjoy as much as I did.....

Thank you Sir for a very engaging video with Realistic Paddle Boat Sounds, Route looks Grade A...........:Y::Y:

I never knew anything about this one, so I learned a bit on how it all came together with your detailed descriptions...........;)