Copper Mill upgrade!?

Hoping that there may be some willing soul with content knowhow, who may possibly be able to make an improvement, or two, to the Shortline2 Copper Mill asset,

'Custom Copper Mill Casey Standard Gauge' KUID2:77573:24005:1.

The Mills default Copper Ore product as per Industry track list, loads only one specific train car, Ore Hopper KUID:60238:15044- a 2009 Classic Trainz 3 build, so not to well placed in TRS19.

A more contemporary Ore product available is the 'SAP Copper Ore Bulk' product, and while not to many rolling stock assets support the SAP asset a build, 'Gon Vulx'

KUID:64241:53011:1 carries the SAP Copper Ore product. The obvious snag being is that the newer SAP asset loads okay into the vehicles mentioned, but nada unload specifications.

Unfortunately I have not been able to contact the author of the SAP product to inquire as to the possibility of adding his Ore product details into the config.files of the Shortline2 asset.

As well as a Copper Ore update, it seems that the Mill could also do with a few other embellishments. Shortline2 has made mention of these in her DLS 2012 description brief.

It appears that the original model harks back to 2005, and although there has been some attempts by the author to make a few improvements to the mill since then,

further renovations to the Copper Mill (which is a one of it's kind) would be welcomed, although not essential, for the Mills basic running operations.

I know Linda (Shortline2) has been on an extended hiatus from Trainz, but I also know she often pops up after lurking in the shadows here on the forum. Maybe she'll chime in with some thoughts and ideas