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This thread is for all those who, like me, cannot yet create new content.

This may have already been done but I'm not aware of it.

What I have in mind is for this to be a place where us non-creators can post requests for items that we need for our scenarios that we cannot find elsewhere.

In my case, I am searching for loads for logging and hard rock quarrying operations for 2ft or 30in narrow gauge. (logs, pulpwood and stone product, general supplies for remote camps and mines). Maybe I'm missing something but I cannot get most products to load on narrow gauge cars.

Also, I cannot find a saw mill that will accept the edits that I need without becoming "faulty" in some way. Every saw mill that I have tried to edit to my purposes has resulted in failure due to missing or obsolete files.


P.S. Did I just hear a collective groan from all our content creators at all the work this thread may cause for them? I'm trying to learn how,......I am,.....really.:D
I think there's already a thread like this, called "The requests thread", started by (i think) H222. I can't find it for some reason, but maybe you can.

Keep calm and carry on,
All of what you want can be found on many trainz sites.
I found hundreds of assets not found on the DLS.

The rest is proper editing of config.txt
You can find many posts on how to edit industry and product configurations.
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Slugsmasher (Author) did TONS of NG Logging stuff. His site was still up last I knew. Alot of it has minor errors in TS12, but without too much difficulty you can update them.