Container station problem


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Hi. My first post.

I have an short portal generating consists as one loco and 5 flatcars. These last are 70tons AAR FlatCar C&O. The first driver command is drive to Container station 20t pickup and then load.
but, by some weird reason, the first flarcar remains empty. the others fills ok.

I change the Container Station to rate 15 of this 20t item.

any ideas?

thx in advance.

If the consists runs in the opposite direction, it works ok. (from the crane to the gate)
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This is an age old issue and really easy to fix. It sounds like you're arriving to the container station a bit too fast so the train misses the first flat car.

My recommendation is to put a 5 mph speed limit on the lead to the Container Station - a good distance away too - so that the train has a chance to slow down before it arrives.

You'll find this is a problem with other freight cars that need to fill on the fly such as coal hoppers, lumber flats, and others, for example.