Commands when there are no suitable trackmarks


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I know there's a tips and tricks for Surveyor thread but for the nonce I can't find it.

A little bit of lateral thinking has resolved an issue that keeps cropping up when using other creators' layouts and one can never find a suitable trackmark or object to give a Drive to command.

I want an opposing train to enter a loop, cross/meet the train I'm driving and then head away to be gobbled up by a portal. There are no trackmarks and the only named object is a TPR Engine track 20m but at the wrong end of the loop. After lots of screaming and shouting I came up with this trick. I place an AI Brake fix at the end of the loop and give the incoming train the command Couple> AI Brake fix X (or whatever number it has). It works perfectly. Once it has coupled the next sequence of commands can be executed. Because the AI Brake fix is an invisible vehicle it is not seen in Driver (it's almost impossible to see it in Surveyor!).

There are two significant benefits from this:

1 I have solved my immediate problem with this loop.

2 Session makers now have an additional tool that can be placed and used by the session maker and not rely on the foresight of the route creator in providing objects or trackmarks.

Knowing the Trainz AI, I'm sure there will be issues with this method but as yet I haven't found one. If I do I'll post it here but others are more than welcome to comment. Please do. :p


But surely, if you are going into surveyor to place an AI Brake fix because
"the creator didn't put any suitable trackmarks in"
why not just place a trackmark ? :confused:
If you open the route in surveyor, you can put your own trackmarks in where you want.
Not if you're writing sessions for a layout both, of which are and will be available on the DLS!

If I put in trackmarks on an existing route I will be the only one with those trackmarks. When I create sessions for an existing route the only things I have control over are vehicles and products; everything else is considered changing the map. Hence the usefulness of a movable trackmark like an invisible vehicle! ;)


Hi Blackwatch

Would that not modify the original route to make his session work? If he he did modify the route he would not be able to share his session on the DLS.

Hi Midland

That's an awesome idea!! Congrats!
And thanks tons for your sessions for PO&N

Quiet word of warning.....

The 'AI Brake Fix' (which I endorse heartily - it was created at my request for the Clovis route) is prone to derail unpredictably (especially in TRS04) when running through a reverse curve with no central track spline point, but especially so if it is leading a train.....

Andy :)
:eek:Sorry my mistake, I didn't realise the session was going to be uploaded to the DLS. (it didn't say so in the OP).


That could be a major problem! I had visions of placing these things all over the place and have an AI train run round and collect them. So you think that 20 AI Brake fixes being propelled by a train is a problem? :hehe:

Most of the AI interactions I use are of the 'ambush' variety. An AI train will lie in wait until a trigger (invariably a time delay) sets it going. Once the user's train has passed it the AI train either stops on a Wait for> eternity command or gets gobbled up by the nearest portal. They exist only to be seen by the user not to fulfill any other function. A bit like 'extras' in a movie!

I'm aware that someone created an 'invisible wagon' to trigger level (grade) crossings. If it's freely available that might be an alternative.


Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you're enjoying them.


I'm aware that someone created an 'invisible wagon' to trigger level (grade) crossings. If it's freely available that might be an alternative.
It's KUID2: 209453:99991:1 on the DLS :D
If you create a scenario using SCS2006 you can create the TSO file as well - this lets you put in as many trackmarks etc as you like...

If you are using the full SCS2006 capabilities (create train at trackmark - then delete it once it's gone) the program runs faster - you do'nt have to have all the trains running all the time - just the ones you want.
That can make a big difference for users with lower spec PCs.

It's also possible to define exactly the way you want everything to run.