Colne to Skipton - Re-Statement


Hope this forums ok at weekends for everyone.:confused: :)
Here is a thread I posted recently in the old forum:

Hallo cream of Trainz. (Route Builders)
I have finished making the route: 'Colne to Skipton'.
Set in Lancashire & Yorkshire, England, 1950's to 1960's.
Parts one and two are available for download from the DLS.
You will have to look in the 'Locos' section of the DLS.....why the route files are there I don't know, I am sure I specified in CCP that it was a route.
There are actually three parts, number three is the Grassington section, thats the largest file I have had to upload, so have had problems doing that with Pt3, but Friday 20/10/06 CMP said: “Upload succesful”.
A Browser page didn't appear for it though, and when I went into the uploads section from my profile.....couldn't find a reference to it in any of the upload sections.
So.....well....its a funny ol' program to use is TRS2006......Parts 1 & 2.....I put thumbnails with them, but these aren't showing in the DLS reference to them......sort of a twilight zone fog instead.
Maybe thats where Part 3 will a twilight zone of the weekends stored data.
Will it leak out of the Auran storage system?
Who knows.
I actually finished this route over two weeks ago, and uploaded (I thought) the three parts then.
Some of you with computers that are a bit slow may find running anything on this line a bit tasking for the ol' processor.
May make a lighter version sometime in the future.

Things to consider concerning this route:

    1. The whole of the route is actually 174 meters below the Trainz datum level. When I originally started it in Colne – just plonked the track and scenery onto the bare baseboards without any reference to a datum level, or real world sea level – didn't know anything about DEM terrain or obtaining a proper referenced level for Colne sidings.
    2. So if you wanted to join Colne to Skipton with another route that had a correct level – this wouldn't be possible, unless of course someone came up with an answer to changing its level.....from what I've gleaned on this forum – this doesn't seem to be possible with a route thats been started/created/finished.
    3. All of it, except the Colne environs is DEM'd terrain.
    4. . All the gradients are correct – from my own gleaning of data of gradients found within the research material I gathered for this project.
    5. Before October 2005 I knew nothing about railways or trains....I had no real interest in it whatsoever....always more into aviation stuff really. Around that time I bought TRS2006, and in mid December decided to have a go at making my local route, which was lifted in 1970, (I live in Colne, Lancashire)did this mainly as a creative exercise – I'm an artist – Watercolours, drawing, and all that stuff....although not followed for a living.
    6. So if there are mistakes in it, or things left'll understand why....because I know so little about the subject. (All UK steam locos looked the same to me originally – black!)
    7. I think the reason the files of parts 1, 2 and 3 are so big....its probably because of the amount of detail I put in, around, and within the towns.
    8. The route comes in three parts, Colne to Earby is part 1, this includes the Barnoldswick branch, Thornton in Craven to Skipton is part 2, and the Grassington branch is part 3 . The Skipton section also stretches northwards to Gargrave.
    9. TRS2006 is a Useless Eustace program....very frustrating to use because of all its faults...which those of you who use it know about, so I won't waste my breath going on about its problems here....suffice to say it should never have been put onto the market with all the faults it has. The sound got better with the SP1 patch.
    10. This is the reason I'm probably not going to bother making the Colne to Preston stretch to follow on from Colne to Skipton....its just to much is fascinating laying roads and track on the DEM'd terrain, and recognising areas you know from real knows maybe I will have a bash sometime in the future. Although I could change my allegiance to the new Kuju thingy.
    11. Here is a list of missing KUIDs ....or assets I was told by E-mail that were missing from Pt2, most of them seem to be HOG textures, but they should have been painted over anyway, (Except for Swinden Quarry in Pt3) don't know what the others are, hopefully not bridges or track
Content: Colne to Skipton Pt2 (KUID 238039:1514)Dependencies: * advance - KUID 102657:24:127 - KUID 102657:2:127 * skipper1945 <> - KUID 116296:16005:127 - KUID 116296:16007:127 - KUID 116296:16008:127 - KUID 116296:16037:127 - KUID 116296:16039:127 - KUID 116296:16040:127 - KUID 116296:16115:127 - KUID 44700:27913 - KUID 44700:27996 - KUID 68787:21014:2 - KUID 68787:21015:2 - KUID 68787:21016:2 - KUID 68787:22007:2 - KUID 68787:22085:2 - KUID 68787:22086:2 - KUID 68787:22087:2 - KUID 68787:22090:2 - KUID 68787:22098:2 - KUID 68787:22099:2 - KUID 68787:22126:2 - KUID 68787:22128:2 - KUID 68787:22146:2 - KUID 68787:22157:2 - KUID 68787:22162:2 - KUID 68787:22166:2 - KUID 68787:22168:2 - KUID 68787:22231:2 - KUID 68787:25000:2 - KUID 68787:25036:2 - KUID 68787:25045:2 - KUID 68787:25058:2 - KUID 68787:25073:2 - KUID 68787:25139:2 - KUID 68787:25220:2 - KUID 68787:25228:2 - KUID 68787:37502:2 - KUID 68787:38003:2 * moonraker <> - KUID 70030:25002:127 * cyberstorm - KUID 78193:41502 * tolaris <> - KUID 9:21000 - KUID 9:21001 - KUID 9:21002 - KUID 9:21003 - KUID 9:21004 - KUID 9:21005 - KUID 9:21006 - KUID 9:21007 - KUID 9:21008 - KUID 9:21009 - KUID 9:21010 - KUID 9:21011 - KUID 9:21012 - KUID 9:21013 - KUID 9:21014 - KUID 9:21015 - KUID 9:21016 - KUID 9:21017 - KUID 9:21018 - KUID 9:21019 - KUID 9:21020 - KUID 9:21021 - KUID 9:21022 - KUID 9:21023 - KUID 9:21024 - KUID 9:21025 - KUID 9:21026 - KUID 9:21027 - KUID 9:21028 - KUID 9:21029 - KUID 9:21030 - KUID 9:21031 - KUID 9:21032 - KUID 9:21033 - KUID 9:21034 - KUID 9:21035 - KUID 9:21036 - KUID 9:21037 - KUID 9:21038 - KUID 9:21039 - KUID 9:21040 - KUID 9:21041 - KUID 9:21042 - KUID 9:21043 - KUID 9:21044 - KUID 9:21045 - KUID 9:21046 - KUID 9:21047 - KUID 9:21048 - KUID 9:21049 - KUID 9:21050 - KUID 9:21051 - KUID 9:21052 - KUID 9:21053 - KUID 9:21054 - KUID 9:21055 - KUID 9:21056 - KUID 9:21057 - KUID 9:21058 - KUID 9:21059 - KUID 9:21060 - KUID 9:21061 - KUID 9:21062 - KUID 9:21063 Here is some direct links to image shack pictures of my route:

Once I'm sure Part 3 is on the DLS, I'm going to uninstall TRS2006, I've had enough of it.....unless of course finally make the Skipton to Carlisle route, along with the nice looking Britannia, and 8F class locos!

Bye for now.

Wayne Evans
Colne. Lancashire.

P.S. (15/11/06) I haven't uninstalled it! It must have a magnetic quality!:p
At last a local route, am downloading now. On a side note I recently started a modern image route from Colne going the other way:)
Colne to Skipton

Hi Clack and Chris
The pics look brilliant and I regret not having 2006 to be able to experience the full plans, but I feel, like Clack, that 2006 has too many problems at present to warrant the change from 2004. You are to be congratulated on the quality of your work, considering your previous lack of interest in railways.

I recall travelling this line on a number of spotting trips to Skipton or Leeds or York in the 60s, so I would have viewed the line with interest.

I'm currently working on a semi-fictional line between Rishton and Accrington and Haslingden to Accrington but with Accrington as a fictional terminus (maybe!). I can't decide whether to do this or continue the line to Rose Grove as in the real thing.

Realistically, a terminus at Accrington would involve raising the town centre to the level of the current station (which I don't think is practical) OR having a steep gradient from the site of the current station into the town centre (same problem) OR having a gradual gradient from Church & Ossy to the town centre, which would mean changing a number of the streets which currently go under the railway.

Oh, the anguish we put ourselves through.

Interesting Picture

Looks like your doing a good job there Chris.
That looks suspiciously like Huncoat.
Don't forget to put the old Power Station in.

Do you need any data for the track/signals layout on the line?
I can scan some stuff I have and send it you.

Me too...

I've liked trains since I was born! When I was 9, I got in to aviation when I got Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. After that I bought the second version, FSX. THEN, I liked outer space when I turned 10. I still like all three, though my like of trains was absent for 2 years 'till now, and its only train simulation I'm into. I like space the most.:D
Hi clack45, yep that sure is Huncoat. I was not happy with it so I started again and have got the track laid from Colne to Blackburn and thanks for the offer of data, any info on signalling would be a great help as that is where available info is lacking. I am using the councils Mario map site for track placement as is shows a scale of 1:2500 so it is pretty accurate.

It seems to have changed quite a lot since trains ran through to Skipton! It's not as I remember it 30 years ago and is totally different from CLACK45's Colne.

Great screenshot though. Well done!


OOPS! Sorry Chris, I only have the signalling data for the 1950's, I can send you that, but its all semaphore stuff.

That rendering of Colne station by kimmy looks good, although I think theres slightly less shrubbery than that.:) :cool:

Its also nice to see Moojgoo is keeping their options open by retaining an interest in Space and flight, which are the things I'm also into.
I also have fs2004 (fs9).
You can access loads of scenery for this at :