Coal Mines - Diesel or Electric to Power The Mine?


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In another thread I saw that coal mines use diesel for local operation. I never thought about that and always provided robust electric feeds with a backup generator. Is diesel a more normal fuel than I believed?
I suspect that much of the above ground equipment (winding gear, conveyors, shunting engines etc) use diesel.
I believe that underground you wouldn’t have anything electrical unless it was specially made to eliminate any sparks.
Visiting “The Big Pit” we had to empty our pockets of matches, anything with a battery (car keys), lighters etc.
It depends upon the era too. Earlier mines had lanterns and the miners used donkeys to haul the coal out of the underground mines.

In 2014 Frank Bartus (FBartus) another Trainzer and I traveled to Eastern Pennsylvania in the Tamaqua and Jim Thorpe area. On our many trips and outings, we stopped at the No. 9 Coal Mine Museum located in Lansford, PA