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CMTM Users,

I have updated the way CMTM is installed. No longer do you need to modify the CMTMPortal or the CMTMSystem files. The new CMTMPortal4 is now a universal re-rail portal that can be used for any route, but when used on a CMTM route, it will respond to the CMTM System.

All the CMTM data has been moved from the CMTMSystem file to the config.txt file of an HTML asset. I have included a sample HTML asset which is the only item that needs to be cloned and made specific to the route. This HTML asset includes the HTML files that present the "How to use CMTM" screens that I have used in previous sessions I have created. There are also two blank HTML session information files that can be filled in as needed. The Display HTML Pages rule will need to be added to the Session and properly edited to display these pages.

The CMTMSystem itself now installs as a Session Rule. When the rule is added to the session, it needs to be edited to identify which HTML asset it should use.

The new CMTMSystem4 assets have been uploaded to the DLS.
CMTMSystem4 Install Rule,<kuid:32711:100560>
CMTMSystem4 Sample HTML,<kuid:32711:100569>

The manual has also been rewritten, hopefully making things easier to understand.
CMTMSystem4 User's Manual

The functionality of CMTM has not changed with this upgrade. If you are comfortable with the old system, no need to change things. The primary advantage of System4 is that now route builders can install the CMTMPortal4's on a route before it is released. Session can then be created with that route without having to clone and modify the route.

Thanks for using CMTM.

I saw the title and you got my hopes up. But then I see its just a reposting of a 10 year old post and now I am sad.

just a wip preview
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