CMTM question re loading


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Anybody know how to modify the soup so that when the session starts a wellcar can have a container loaded on top and bottom?
Or when a wellcar that is CMTM capable hits the portion that allows it to load it gets fully loaded? (Top & Bottom) I can do the bottom row easy enough but I can figure out the top row.

David will have to weigh in here, but IIRC the current code doesnt support that. I could be wrong (it's happened before! :)).
Although they say they are CMTM compatible, this only refers to the use of the CMTM reference to the car number and reporting marks. The problem is these well cars have separate identical sized queues for the upper and lower positions. A properly designed car should have the upper and lower positions as one queue with a capacity of two, the first location being the bottom position and the second location the top. CMTM is set up to load only one queue per transaction, which works for most every other car on the railroad. When CMTM was designed, there were no cars that had multiple queues of the same size. You can specify a queue size for CMTM, but not queue names because there are no standards for naming queues.

We are looking as a solution to this dilemma, but in my opinion, the best solution is to rewrite the config files for the well cars, which will keep them within the standards that have been used since the beginning.

I'd appreciate any other ideas to solve this problem.