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I don't think you need to share this, but if you want to post a review of it when you try it, you could post in that thread in the Payware Announcements.
It worth noting this is the fifth thread this poster has started in this forum in less than 24 hours.
It worth noting this is the fifth thread this poster has started in this forum in less than 24 hours.

Eh, its not the amount that matters, its the quality (Its not like hes typing in NetSpeak with Exclamations and swear words everywhere). Its a young train-fan sharing his exuberance about meeting his dad to see the new railroad goodies he'll have access too. Nothing wrong with that. What if it had instead been "OMG, Im going to ride the Empire Builder this next weekend with my dad From Chicago to Seattle~"? Or "WOW, my Rich Crazy Uncle just died and I'm inheriting a bunch of Railroad Artifacts"? All of these are similar statements, the only thing that changes is how much the public at large is going to care about it, and none of them are set in stone because they're statements of anticipation or expectation rather then statements of historical fact.....

If we want to talk about evolution of experience in thread posting, lets just say you hadn't responded at all, or nobody did, maybe he'd learn that nobody really cared about his exuberance about anticipation, but maybe he'd have posted a review as MeowRailroad suggested and learned that people would love to talk about the new goodies? Instead now he gets to feel dejection (To the point that hes apologized for doing nothing wrong) because someone commented that hes started alot (And I would say that 5, again depending on quality, is nothing) of threads..... Its not like the forum will explode for having too many superfluous posts.....

I hope you enjoy your weekend with CG's outstanding content. And I second MeowRailroad's suggestion, tell us what you think about em when you get back.

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